How much does a session with you cost?

Easy question! Please see my pricing here.

Where will our session take place? 

 I am an on-location photographer, which means we will decide on an outdoor location prior to your session. I have several suggestions based on past sessions and am always willing to shoot somewhere new! 

What is the best time for a session? 

The ideal time to shoot is early morning, or about 1-2 hours prior to sunset. These times provide optimal lighting for portraits. I understand that it's hard to get out of the house early with children and some go to bed early, so I can make any time of the day work! 

How long will my session last? 

A milestone session is 20 minutes in length and a full session is anywhere from 60-90 minutes! 

How far in advance should I book my session? 

I request that you try to book your session 1-2 months in advance. This ensures that your date will be blocked out and will give us plenty of time to discuss your session. Once your $100 deposit is paid, your session is booked and we'll begin to discuss location, what to wear, and brainstorm ideas. If you're needing a session sooner, that's fine too! Just contact me ASAP to find out availability! 

How long after the session will I see my photos? 

With your consent, I usually post a sneak peak within 24 hours of your session on Facebook or my blog. I guarantee you'll see your full gallery within a week! 

What does it mean to have rights to print? 

As your photographer, I hold copyright to your images. I allow you print rights so that you can print as many copies of your digital files as you'd like at your convenience from any lab you choose. You may not alter the photo in any way. 

Can you suggest places to print my photos?

I sure can. I usually send that information along with your gallery link! 

How can I prepare my child for our session? 

As a children and family photographer, it is my job to capture you being yourself. This means I strive to catch genuine interactions and smiles from anyone included in your session. I will lay on the ground, jump up and down like a crazy person and make animal sounds if I need to! There's absolutely no need to stress about the behavior of your child at any point. Stressed parents = stressed kids. My only suggestion is that you bring them to the session well-rested and fed. I have three kids of my own and realize that even the most well behaved children have moments, so don't worry! I aim for fun and hope that your family will walk away saying they had a good time.

If you have any other questions, feel free to CONTACT ME.